August 25, 2017

Director’s Vision

I believe horror is an element that lies in the story. Although the genre elicits a certain tone and cinematic style, my intention for Streetwalkers is to deliver an adult horror film; a character driven Mystery Thriller. I plan to use mood and the tension behind each character’s motif to drive the emotional core of the story. My lens and shot selections will serve as an intimate point of view for each of our main characters’ journey.

I have worked with the screenwriter, Jonah Kuehner for about a year to develop the right tone for the film. We have crafted the story with few locations and limited cast in order to have well defined characters with stronger conflicts in a relatively compact and fast pace movie. The logistics in the script also make it possible to have a much shorter production period, currently scheduled for a 21-Day-shoot. I will use the cinematography, mood lighting and climate as an integral part of the production design for the film. I intend to use practical special effects, sets and stunts and not depend too much on post-production CGI visual effects.

Factoring in the screenplay, our level of commitment and preparation, the exciting cast we plan to bring on board, I am confident the final product will be a spectacular visual and thrilling experience.

Benjamin Louis Director / Executive Producer