August 25, 2017

Main Characters

Detective Adams: Early 50’s; he’s a veteran detective working homicide, extremely smart, speaks softly but carries a big stick, very meticulous, dedication to his job has worn on him, enjoys an occasional drink; He’s never been married, was close but she left him because he’s married to his job; His partner is Bill, they’ve been working together for less than a year; recently people in town have gone missing – Adams catches a break when he gets Ryan and Jake’s home video; After obtaining the video, his goal is to use it to find Ryan, Jake and Erica and capture the killer before time runs out.

Bill: Late 30’s; he’s a detective working with Adams, intelligent, loves his job and eager to learn from Adams, he questions everything and hopeful of God’s existence, but even that he questions; He has a wife and recently became a father; He’s been working on a case with Adams involving five missing people, now Ryan, Jake and Erica have been added to the list; His goal is the same as Adams: using the home video to find the kids and capture the killer.

Ryan: Early 20’s; student at community college in a small town, good looking, clean cut guy, exceptional athlete, not too cocky but he’s confident and honest; comes from a good family, youngest of three boys; he’s best friends with Jake and he’s dating Erica, they’ve been dating for about a year; he’s working on a short film for class with Jake, but after the abduction his main goal is to save Erica even if it means putting his life on the line.

Jake: Early 20’s; student at same community college, he loves film to the point where it’s an obsession of his, not very athletic (kind of like a younger TJ Miller), comic relief, has a good heart and no stranger to sarcasm, has a tendency to embellish; only child of divorced parents; he’s best friends with Ryan; he wants to do a great job on their short film, but after the abduction he wants to get everything on tape to chronicle their experience and have evidence on the killer.

Erica: Early 20’s; student at community college, she’s a very good looking theater major, down to earth and good sense of humor, not afraid to tell you how it is but it’s hard not to like her; youngest of two girls, their mother does her best to support them; she’s dating Ryan, she gets along with Jake because they have a similar sense of humor; she’s helping the guys with their short film, but after the abduction her main goal is staying alive.

Killer: Early 40’s; large and grizzled with hard facial features, wears a hood with a longer jacket over top so his face tends to be concealed, emotionless, he thinks and acts like an animal, kills without thinking twice; Has no family, he’s an orphan who never knew his biological parents. No education, he moved from city to city until he finally settled in the farming area on the outskirts of town (which is now all forest land). He knows that area of the land very well since he worked there when it was farmland in past years.

Doctor Brooks: Late 40’s; he’s a surgeon at the local hospital, has a comforting disposition but puts off the vibe that he’s not completely trustworthy. He’s well kept and professional looking, likes to experiment with new techniques of surgery; He’s separated from his wife, has a daughter named Dani; She also gets abducted by the killer. Doctor Brooks has to come clean to Detective Adams and Bill in return for their help to rescue his daughter.